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UBD Upsized Project Ali Curung

By July 22, 2021No Comments
Image: Men standing next to the map painted on a car bonnet - Map is of Image: Ladies with the painted map on a car bonnet at Ali Curung

For those of you who are old enough to know what life was like before Google, this project will make sense, if it not then maybe Google “UBD”.

The men that helped create the Ali Curung map on a car bonnet

RN Employment Services Projects in Ali Curung are linking with the local Art Centre with the creation of The UBD Upsized Project. There has been a big increase in tourists visiting the community so the Upsized UBD will help guide them through the community.

Ali Curung Town Map
The colourful and stunning Ali Curung Map

We are very pleased and excited that the Ali Curung community is now part of the NT Government Tourist Art Trail.

Look what can happen to an old car bonnet from the dump, after it has been cleaned up, and painted. Now we have a map, showing where you are in the community. Both ladies and men in Ali Curung have embraced this project.

The ladies that helped create the Ali Curung map on a car bonnet

There will be approx. 15 bonnets throughout the community located at the major buildings and services in Ali Curung.