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Don’t drink and drive!

By June 4, 2021June 22nd, 2021No Comments
Image: Don't Drink Drive You Mob! - Painted car campaign to highlight the consequences of drink driving.

The Kaltukatjara Team continue providing interesting engagement for our community to take part in. 

Our clients working with our Supervisor Zac Smith, wanted to share a positive message with community; on a very important subject that impacts all communities, towns, and cities in Australia  – Drink Driving.

The group wanted to make a statement and stand against DRINK DRIVING in their community and hope that in sharing these photos will provide a good role model for others in Kaltukatjara (Docker River) to stop accidents and deaths on our roads from drink driving. 

Thank you to The MacDonnell Regional Council, Stephen Trindle and his team for their support in the recycling of cars by bringing the cars in, which have been involved in drink driving accidents.  

Our participants: Emmanuel Ginger, Leo Watson and Andrew Brumby Maurice Paddy, Felix Mervin, Kennedy Edimintja, Jason Mitchell, Nicky Smith, Elizabeth Smith and Megan Sharad; all support this message.

The cars will be upcycled in to Art work in the community.