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Fire and rescue volunteers close dangerously close to a raging fire.

The beginning of bushfire season


September has been a month of fighting off fires with volunteers coming in from all locations across Northern, Southern and Eastern Australia. Barkly Highway was forced to close periodically because of the threat of bushfires and the safety concern for tourists.

Tennant Creek was given a memorable display of aircraft piloting whilst the waterbombing crafts were tackling raging bushfires close to residences.

With Bushfires NT stating the fires have engulfed over 1.3 million hectares and has a perimeter of over 1.2km.

RN Staff, Patricia Stout and Tim Hermans volunteering RN recourses to help battle the fires. Patricia Stout also being a volunteer firefighter! How cool is she?

RN Tennant Creek showing appreciation

The staff from the RN office in Tennant Creek handed over some goodie bags and appreciation certificates to our dedicated volunteers on the ground floor fighting to protect our communities.