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Leroy is a young man from Ali Curung, who has been registered with DHS for 184 weeks , Leroy is 22 years of age has never been employed.

Leroy had great attendance to activities and became a leader within the group of young men. With his growing skills and confidence by attending activities, we put Leroy forward for a job at the housing projects in Ali Curung.

He commenced into employment on the 4th May 2022 as a trade assistant, which is great news and Leroy has been at work every day.

Due to his attending all RN Employment activities every day before starting employment Leroy was in the draw for big prize – Leroy was the Winner !!!  He was really taken back and overwhelmed to have won not only a job but so many great items.

Congratulations Leroy on your new role and winning all these amazing prizes.