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RN Employment Partners with Deadly Hair Dude

RN Employment Services joined forces with Deadly Hair Dude, to deliver four training tasters in Hairdressing skills across our RN regions in Central Australia.

This was not only a great opportunity for our clients who took part in the training offered by Deadly Hair Dude, it was greatly appreciated by each community in which the training was held. Clients learn new skills and gain confidence. For community members, many it was the opportunity to have their hair done and to feel special. The training was across the board, with clients willing to taking part in the learning: cutting and colouring hair from day one. There were many who attended the pop-up salons, who had never had a professional haircut , all walked away feeling amazing, special and all smiling.

RN Employment Services has received only positive feedback from the communities including many other organisations based in communities. Gary from Deadly Hair Dude, has also identified several clients who took part in the training who have the potential of creating a new career for themselves in the Hairdressing industry with additional training. All clients that have taken part in the training are very keen to continue the journey of becoming a hairdresser.

Just in Tennant Creek for the week the team completed more than 220 haircuts and colours. In addition, a number of businesses in Tennant Creek are now reaching out to see how we can all work together to create a training hub in Tennant Creek and the greater Barkly.

Across all the communities which RN Employment Services & Deadly Hair Dude held the activity there was increased engagement in all other activities, a higher number of attendance for contact appointments with RN Employment Services.

Steve Edgington MLA Member for Barkly, Lia Finocchiaro MLA, the team from the Deadly Hair Dude NT and RN Employment Services team in Tennant Creek
The RN Employment Services team helping the Deadly Hair Dude team.

Ali Curung 21st March to 25th March

It was well received by the community. Lots of blue, red and blonde around the community from children to adults. Only a few people where keen to learn new skills, but the community appreciated the Deadly Hair Dude team. On average we had up to 35 people attend each day.

The Area Manager of Ali Curung Regional Council support the activity by allowing one of the male trainees cut his hair and beard.

There was increase attendance and engagement with the RN Employment Services team during this week from the community.

Feedback from the Community and Clients

TH “This activity brought the community together.”

KC “Next time I think I will have the confidence to try and learn cutting myself after seeing other do it.”

TB “ It was good to see everyone was welcome to come in.”

Elliott 28th March to 1st April

Having the Deadly Hair Dude team in Elliott was great experience for the community including Marlinja, as many times Elliott does not get the same opportunities to have this sort of training like many big towns in remote areas. All clients and community members where welcoming to the Deady Hair Dude team. Everyone was happy and excited to have Deadly Hair Dude in community. RN Employment Services is being asked when they are returning again.

Feedback from the Community and Clients

CD “Good to see DHD in Elliott/Marlinja, it has been something so different for the community and would love to see them come back.”

GS  “Thumbs up, great experience.”

LT “ Amazing job Deadly Hair Dude have done! Has been great – thank you RN for bringing them here.”

RR “Would love to see them come back to community as its been great having them here.”

LR  “Good to see all the kids smiling and loving their new hair styles.”

 Mutitjulu – 16th May to 20th May

The Deadly Hair Dude team was welcomed with open arms in the Mutitjulu community. Only a few clients took up the opportunity to cut and colour hair, but they helped with the great turn out from the community members. Unfortunately, funerals being held in APY along with a big football match in Alice Springs saw the numbers who attended low, but the word did get to Docker River and several people travelled in to support the program and to get a new haircut.  One elder of the community a gentleman in his 60’s had never had a professional haircut, the Deadly Hair Dude team ensured he had a wonderful experience.

RN Employment Services engaged with Voyages, to talk about the Deadly Hair Dude team to use the salon at the resort for Thursday and Friday night to say thank you for Voyages support of the program. This was a big success with the resort staff, now Voyages (Indigenous Engagement Team),  Deadly Hair Dude with RN Employment Services support are looking into a plan to have the Deadly Hair Dude as a permanent presence in the region.

Feedback from the Community and Clients

TT “It was so nice to have cut in community.”

IB “Thank RN and DHD for coming to our community.”

WB “ When are you coming back?”

Tennant Creek – 23rd May to 27th May

Tennant Creek everyone involved for the week had a BLAST!!

This week had our clients were run off their feet as well as learning amazing new skills. The Deadly Hair Dude team along with our ladies completed over 50 haircuts and colours every day. Melissa Carse the Regional Manager of RN Employment Services would support each afternoon and got to see firsthand the  joy and fun from having the Pop-up Salon in Tennant Creek.

Our clients did an outstanding job and the feedback from the community members who had cuts and colours where all positive. The clients who took part in the training are all keen to have Deadly Hair Dude in town and providing on ongoing training. They are all wanting to learn the skills of becoming amazing hairdressers.

The community of Tennant Creek and many local businesses and stakeholders came in to see what was happening and with everyone leaving with a new style.  It was also an amazing opportunity for some of the older people, with the support of the Julalikari Aged Care Team whose clients left feeling refreshed with amazing haircuts and lovely new colours.

Just a few of our clients who did cutting, and colouring had a treat themselves  – well deserved as they worked hard over the week most days from 9am to 3pm.

Looking very cool with his new hair do, thanks Deadly Hair Dude.
Happy ladies at Tennant Creek waiting for their hair to be coloured by the Deadly Hair Dude

Feedback from the Community and Clients

Julalikari Aged Care Staff “ You couldn’t wipe the smile off their faces when they got back to the centre.”

KW “When will they be back? I want to keep learning Hairdressing skills!”

OW “Really enjoyed being a part of this training.”

LL “I feel like a NEW man.”

TN “I had fun and learnt lots, look forward to them coming back.”

SW “I would love the chance to be involved in learning to be a Hairdresser.”

Before the haircut

Before the haircut