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Literacy For Life

By September 1, 2021No Comments
Image: Literacy for Life Foundation banner

RN Employment Services have partnered with the Literacy For Life Foundation, to help promote literacy activities for the local Indigenous people of Tennant Creek.

Literacy For Life Foundation

Not only have we created a Literacy For Life Activity to help get locals in Tennant Creek involved, RN Employment has also been part of the process to help the Foundation find local employees.

We currently have 15 Job Seekers involved in the Literacy For Life Activity which is great. We also have 2 of our Job Seekers that are employed by the foundation.

Literacy for Life Foundation Open Day

During the recent Open Day held by the foundation, RN Employment got to chat with a couple of people.
One was Mr Newcastle who is a participant in the program. Mr Newcastle said it was so good to have a literacy program available to the local Indigenous people of Tennant Creek, and it has been a long time coming. He enjoys being part of the program and the support and understanding of all the other participants and staff are amazing. He said the program will help job seekers open many doors. Many of the participants have never been past year 2 in their schooling, which has made life, in general, very hard and a trying time.

We also got to chat with Mr. Hayes, who is one of our participants that was successful in gaining employment with the Foundation as an Educator. Mr. Hayes has worked in a similar role through the local Primary School and High School as a Teaching Assistant. He said his new role was very similar, only with an older age group. He said it was great to have the opportunity to help people that have been left behind when it comes to literacy. Mr. Hayes himself has also had the opportunity of training, as he was upskilled to become an Educator.

The Literacy for Life Foundation Open Day BBQ

RN Employment also chatted with Brad Aitken who is the Campaign Project Officer here in Tennant Creek. Brad came in to chat about the upcoming 9 weeks of post-literacy planning he is working on. This is to engage and encourage other organisations in Tennant Creek to get involved and around employment opportunities and also other employment requirements such as White Card Training, Learner Driver Training, Cooking skills, Art Skills, and many more.

Brad said that so far everything is going really well and they are now starting to work on digital literacy also, which will help job seekers and the local community to use a phone, tablet, or computer moving forward.

If you are interested in getting involved with Literacy for Life activities please contact RN Employment Services office at Tennant Creek – 08 7911 2260