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Learn Online With TheComputerSchool.NET

By August 19, 2021No Comments
Image: TheComputerSchool.NET courses - Learn online

RN Employment Services has successfully registered with TheComputerSchool.NET.

Pick from a wide array of courses and learn from your own home at your own pace. You can pick from business courses, social media, digital photography, coding and so much more!

Sign up today and learn online with TheComputerSchool.Net

Full access to the Technology Training Directory (TTD) is now available by logging in via one of two different ways:

  1. Directly from your Website.

We recommend that you place TheComputerSchool.NET LOGO + Short Description within your own website. The logo can then easily be linked directly to your TTD URL. This will allow direct-access to the (TTD) Technology Training Directory, using one single generic password.

Password: rise0860

This will now open your (TTD).

Get skilled while learning at home with TheComputerSchool.Net
  1. Directly from The Computer School Website

    Using any internet-ready computer. (24/7 secure, remote-access).

a) Go To Our Website:
b) Click the Sign-In Button (Top Right) >>
Then, select from the drop down menu >> (TTD) Technology Training Directory
c) Enter the following UN+PW …

Username: itrise0860
Password: rise0860

Then click >>> LOGIN … This will now open your (TTD).

Happy learning and we hope you enjoy this amazing resource.