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Docker River Secure Wheelie Bins and are on track to claim Tidy Towns Winner in 2020

By January 13, 2020January 14th, 2020No Comments
Image: Docker River Wheelie Bins and town claim tidy towns winner.

We have been actively trialling different designs to ensure the wheelie bins within the community remain upright and free of wild animal activity

In late December RISE Ngurratjuta held their bi-monthly Community Advisory Board Meeting in Docker River. Many topics were raised at the meeting and actioned accordingly, but the topic of most relevance to the community was the local infestation of wild camels and donkeys that are causing major environmental issues along with displaying destructive behaviour within the community.

The wild animals are moving into the community and overturning the wheelie bins to go through the rubbish in the search of food. This is not an isolated problem to this community, but as we are the Community Development Provider within this region, we took note of the community’s concern and investigated possible solutions to the problem.

We leaped into action and with the assistance of the work for the dole, participants came up with possible designs and built our prototypes to secure the wheelie bins. This, in turn, provided participants with the opportunity to fulfil their mutual obligations.

Over the next four weeks, our clients have been actively trailling different designs to ensure the wheelie bins within the community remain upright and free of wild animal activity. After several different plans of attack, the ones pictured within the article were most successful and have now been implemented throughout the community.

The design allows the local council to easily unlatch the gate on the front of the enclosure to retrieve and empty the wheelie bins. It furthermore prevents wild animals from accessing the bins and ensures that the wheelies remain upright. We have now been able to eradicate some serious health concerns around the disposal of waste and ensured that we are a serious contender for tidy towns in 2020.