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Something for everyone at Rise-Ngurratjuta – Docker River!!

By September 2, 2019No Comments
Image: Artwork with Rise Ngurratjuta listed

The team at Rise-Ngurratjuta have created an inviting environment for all to enjoy in Docker River.

An all-inclusive space promoting community engagement, where even the local wildlife feel at home.

Each morning the “Continental Breakfast Club” brings everyone together for a fresh healthy start to the day and is regularly gate crashed by 3 friendly local donkeys who visit and enjoy a breakfast of weetbix and apples.

A recently installed soundbox sets the mood for the day with a background of country and western music for the artists to begin their work. Among the various types of artworks created are the specialities being making shoes and jewellery boxes.


However not to be outdone, one of the donkeys, affectionately known as Donkey Kong, has really made himself part of the team and taken his involvement to next level, joining a meeting held with the DHS (Centrelink) team. 


Now an “honorary” participant the Rise-Ngurratjuta team are planning on devising a special activity giving Donkey Kong his moment to shine, by painting his hooves and letting him create some art – well donkey art!!!!!


We look forward to seeing the next antics of Donkey Kong at Docker River!