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The story of Angus Coull

By October 29, 2018October 31st, 2018No Comments
Image: Angus Coull surrounded by workmates in painted workshop.

The 27-year-old Angus Coull has some previous employment experience in landscaping and hospitality, and on 28 September he gained full time employment with Voyages Resort in Technical Services as a Brush Hand.

Angus commenced his employment through the Real Jobs program. This program is designed to assist Anangu people to be placed into employment throughout the Voyages Resort within different industries. Angus commenced as a landscaper on 18 July and due to his dedication and work ethics was quickly recognised and transitioned from casual employment into full time employment with Voyages.

The relationship between RISE Ngurratjuta and Voyages has been strengthened with the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. Constant communication and meetings between both stakeholders has drawn success for the community of Mutitjulu in more ways than one.

Angus commenced with RISE Ngurratjuta on 1 July and has always engaged in his mutual obligations. Angus first discussed his circumstances with RISE Ngurratjuta and explained that he has several barriers to employment which RISE Ngurratjuta was able to assist him with. Angus left school before year 10, after which he completed a Certificate 1 in construction and would like to complete further certificates within the construction trade. Angus learnt English as a second language and still to date frequently uses his local language Pitanjarjarra. This alone has been a struggle – to adapt his culture and lifestyle to a changing environment of tourism and marketing within this region.

Over the past three years Angus has not had secure accommodation for himself and his family. The appointment of this full-time position with Voyages ensured that he was housed, and he became a more valued member to his family and Voyages team. The support given to him from Voyages and RISE Ngurratjuta has been “really good” Angus said during a post placement support interview with him on 23 October. Angus feels more empowered and better equipped to support his family both with accommodation and financially.

Angus comes from a background where parental control was not present and due to this, he has found himself having issues with the Northern Territory Police and serving some time in custody. Having put all of this behind him, Angus proceeded to complete some on the job training with Voyages through the Real Jobs program. Over the past three months he completed Language Literacy and Numeracy training along with Spill Kit training with Charles Darwin University. This training is beneficial to his employment as a Brush Hand. Angus is actively engaged in daily tool box meetings and commences work at 6am and finishes at 3pm.

After his three-month probation with Voyages, Angus can commence an apprenticeship in painting. Angus is currently prepping houses and rooms for painting, cleaning walls down, stripping old paint and sanding to ensure a professional finish. Angus works at heights within his employment and thus has received qualifications in this area also.

In his post placement support interview, he said that he would like to seek further independence in transport to and from his employment. As he does not have a current license and he is being assisted with this by RISE Ngurratjuta, RISE Ngurratjuta agreed to provide him with some further independence by supplying him with a push bike to get to and from work..

Angus went on to say that he wanted to gain full time employment to support his family financially.Due to the generosity of Voyages, he receives housing within his contract which allowed him to move from an overcrowded community house. Angus said, “The referral and assistance from RISE Ngurratjuta has changed my life at home and with my family, keeping me busy with employment and allowing me to financially support my family”.