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Denzel-Roy’s Successful Employment With Jemena At The Warrego Compressor Station!

By April 18, 2023August 28th, 2023No Comments
Denzel - Jemema Employment
Congratulations to Denzel-Roy (Roy) for his successful employment with Jemena at the Warrego Compressor Station!


RN Employment Services has been working alongside Jemena to hire an Indigenous person for an Operations Assistant position at the Warrego Compressor Station.

Jemena have come onboard with the new Pathways to Real Jobs project, which allows flexibility for jobseekers to build on their work hours.

Together, we have now successfully placed Roy Hogan in this position and he commenced employment on Tuesday 11th April.

Roy chose the early shift, meaning he was to be onsite at 5:15am, with the site a 40km drive from Tennant Creek. He will be working three days a week to start.

We are pleased to say that we have received amazing feedback from the Jemena supervisors!

Roy has been onsite early, ready and waiting at the gate. They have even commented that he beat their early bird staff on his second day!

He has already completed his Gas Transmission Induction and feedback from everyone onsite is that he is keen. They are ordering him a work laptop for his use onsite and will start to train him their online systems.

After his first day, Roy shared with us that he was really happy and that he had a great day. He said he’s looking forward to learning more and that the team onsite are all very supportive.

Well done Roy, the RN Employment team are really pleased for you!

Update: Roy Gains Full-Time Permanent Employment with Zinfra!

Roy Hogan

In August 2023, Roy was offered a full-time permanent position as an Operations Assistant!

The Zinfra Gas Services Unit wrote a success story about Roy and shared:

“During his first 6 months of employment with his onboarding and new starter needs to ensure he could travel to and from work each day and complete his onboarding activities.

The remote location of Phillip Creek requires an individual who is reliable, enthusiastic, willing to learn and experienced with working in harsh conditions. Since day one Roy has shown himself to have all of these qualities and more. 

It didn’t take long for Roy to go from working part time to full time and in this time, he has completed onboarding and is finishing GT induction training. Roy is also learning the process units at Phillip Creek Compression Station each day with a mix of on the job and competency modules delivered on-site. During the next few months he will complete the Safe Work System training and other mandatory training to further his skill set and set him up for a career path in energy.”


The team at RN Employment are super proud of his hard work and dedication. A big thank you to Mel and Fiona for supporting Roy to succeed!
We’re also grateful to the team at Zinfra for partnering with us to employ local First Nations people and mentor Roy in his employment.
Roy’s story has been featured on the Zinfra website – read about his experience here