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International Women’s Day Q&A with Carol Hermans

Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day with Carol Hermans, our CEO!

Carol shares her career journey so far, her thoughts on women being supported in the workplace and why uplifting women in our communities is so important.


How long have you been working with RN Employment Services?

Over 3 years with RN Employment Services.


What inspired you to pursue your current career or business?

I have been working in the industry for 18 Years. I’ve stayed in the field for this long as I enjoy supporting others to overcome barriers. The industry has changed many times over the years which is also part of why I stay as “each day is different”.

When you started with the business what was your role?

I originally started with RN as the Regional Manager and now I am the CEO of the business, the first female CEO of RN Employment Services.


How do you feel supported as a woman in your career with us?

The Senior management and board of RN has encouraged me to continue to develop my skills which enable me to from Regional Manager to Operations Manager to CEO in under 4 years, the CEO before with the board supported my professional development and valued my experience and skills.


How does supporting women in training and jobs impact the community you live and work in?

The impacts of women completing training and gaining employment in the communities which RN supports cannot be measured. The influence of women working in a family is so important, providing role models for their children, having better standard of living, empower the person, independence and so much more


How can companies and organizations better support and promote gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Be flexible with hours to work with the needs of a person not just the need of the business; for women especially look at job share, school friendly hours. Pay the same regards of who is the position, have good strong policies to support diversity and inclusion.


What’s one piece of advice you would you give to young women who are just starting their careers or businesses?

Do not let anyone say you cannot do it because you are a woman.

And one extra bit of advice put extra into your super funds early as little of $20 per pay can make a big different in the future.


Thanks so much Carol for having a yarn, sharing your journey and for all your work in our communities.